The Robin

A robin had found her home outside his room. In between the guava trees the bird had laid two eggs. There were other birds in the vicinity too. It was as if his cosy cradle was surrounded by an arboretum. Ask a child to name a tree and they would probably find it within the … Continue reading The Robin

Salman Khan does not equal to happiness

The storage room was filled with tools and weapons. A pickaxe, a spade, a hammer, a couple of nails of varying size, a rusty khukuri, and an even rustier sickle with a silver handle. Chudamani remembered the baari that grew gourds of all sorts - especially during the monsoon. Ghiraula, karela, lauka. They did not … Continue reading Salman Khan does not equal to happiness

चमकन्न दिनको अनेकौ तारा

एक लट स्वात्त गयो। म चिलमा बसिराको थिए। अर्को लट स्वात्त गयो। अरे के भयो यो अनौठो? "त पनि एक हान् न त स्वात्त," उसले भन्यो। हान्दिम्ला भनेर सोचिराको थिए तर एक्कासी टाउको रनन रन्किन थाल्यो। आकाश त तेही नै थियो टाउको माथि। आखिर के नै भको थियो र? चराहरु नि चिर्बिर गरिरहेकै थिए। तर … Continue reading चमकन्न दिनको अनेकौ तारा