Johnny Dai

Do you know there's an alphabet ष in Nepali that is sometimes pronounced as 'sa स' and at other times as 'kha ख'. This change is primarily a locality-based shift, meaning people from particular geographic locations prefer one over the other. That's why some people pronounce the word षड्यन्त्र (sadyantra) as 'sadyantra' while others as … Continue reading Johnny Dai

Temporary Musings at क्षणीक निवास

The twins were named Rama and Seema. Rama preferred red shawls. Seema stuck by her brown and blue one. Their mama who had gone missing for fifty years before the family discovered that he was a Pujari in Rajasthan had gifted it to her when he had finally come back home after five decades. Rama … Continue reading Temporary Musings at क्षणीक निवास