Shyambahadur would describe himself as a man of modest means. His family had toiled with difficulty throughout their entire lives; his dad had some ropanis of land in Patan, Jawalakhel, Bhaisepati, and Baluwatar, and he had spent all his life holding the land, waiting for the real estate market to boom, and sell bits and … Continue reading Shyambahadur

Temporary Musings at क्षणीक निवास

The twins were named Rama and Seema. Rama preferred red shawls. Seema stuck by her brown and blue one. Their mama who had gone missing for fifty years before the family discovered that he was a Pujari in Rajasthan had gifted it to her when he had finally come back home after five decades. Rama … Continue reading Temporary Musings at क्षणीक निवास