Annadata | अन्नदाता

Her and my relationship with each other is supposed to be sacred. Annadata. The food provider. On days when my laziness engulfs my being, I grab my worn-out, small-framed, green-and-white cycle and make a quick 5-minutes run to the chamena. The chamena where my annadata resides from early in the morning till late in the … Continue reading Annadata | अन्नदाता

“A Nepali astronaut is called coconut”

The monkey climbed up the lamppost. It was not one of those small lampposts in a cute town, as shown in American, British, or even Indian movies. Rather, the lamppost was almost four story tall. That's what the Road Division and the Municipality had agreed on when deciding the final design of the lamppost that … Continue reading “A Nepali astronaut is called coconut”