Saix Rogi Miley Sukrabaar

The walk had become arduous. The scorching heat was not helping either. He was in a desperate need of some sort of physical and mental assuage; a relief from all the pain and sleepless nights.

He would have missed the advertisement had the cow not mooed. The holy cow did what it had to do, and it grabbed his attention. He turned right towards the source of the sound. The cow was beautiful. He kept on admiring its lustrous brown coat. Yes, it was wearing a Versace coat.

The cow started walking. While this moment could have brought him great melancholy, he actually became startled with joy. For, on the wall behind had an advertisement. “Saix rogi miley sukrabaar. Dr Sheikh (MD). Goley kaa mandir gwaliyar.

It all made sense! Cow, mandir, saix rog. They were all interconnected. Before this, he had seen some youngsters kiss in front of Krishna Mandir in Patan. A thought had sparked in his mind at that instance, “If people kiss this often and with many people, shouldn’t the rate of mouth herpes around the world increase?” And he did what any other person would do. Tap tap tap click tap.

Google revealed the ultimate secret – 66.6% of the world is assumed to have mouth herpes. And it does get transmitted from mouth to mouth or anything to mouth contact. His pedantic self had remembered all the information so that he could distribute the knowledge to whoever might be in need of it in the future.

And here he was. Cow, mandir, saix rog. The more-ultimate secret was…

We all are likely to be saix rogis. Perhaps he was one too. Perhaps you, dear reader, are one too.

He imagined going to the mandir to engage with the community of saix rogis. How light would everyone feel after sharing their problems with each other. Delve into the most intimate details of their lives. Learn about each others’ worries. And find a way out communally.

The cow mooed in the distance. He came back to his sense. His palpable jubilation started to fade away. He had to walk again. For that was what he was doing.

He kept on walking…


Pictures, courtesy of @iihgram on Insta.

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