Lucid Philosophy

I rolled sideways on my bed which caused me to fall into a deep void. It was like Alice falling inside the rabbit hole. I do not exactly recall how long the journey was but it was definitely between an hour or two.

On the way down, I met Bansahari Acharya. I was falling down while he was swimming upwards. He smiled at me. I responded with a sheepish grin. He used his hands in a breaststroke-like motion, came near me, put his right hand around my right ear, and gently whispered, “एसो गरे कसो होला। हिहिही। Eso gare kaso hola? hihihi.”

I was left disoriented. What did this guy want? I looked at him and he was staring back at me. I shifted my gaze sideways and checked again after a few seconds. He was intently glaring at me. It seemed as if he was waiting for my response.

I sighed and told him, “ठिकै होला। Thikai hola.”

He nodded twice in approval. He clicked his fingers and then zoomed past me. I kept on falling down.

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