Almost Winter

Winter was approaching. The trees had started to shed off their leaves. “When will I leave my skin behind?” she wondered.

There she was, on the corner seat of the classroom, away from everyone. Her desk was adorned by the engravings made by a key that she had randomly found below her desk. Maybe it was someone’s but who cares, she had thought. Whenever the teacher came, she used to hide her work with the bulky Oxford English dictionary.

This particular day, the teacher was busy saying something to someone. There could be no better opportunity. She slid her earphones’ wire inside the hem of her sweater, through the right sleeve, and out from the bottom rib of the sleeve. She grabbed one of the earplug, faced it towards her so that the teacher could not see it, and carefully moved her hand towards her right ear.

Avril was playing.

He was a skater boy
She said, “See you later, boy”

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