Bhagwan’s Plan

The CD started swirling in the sky. How? It was hanging on a rope that was tied to a tall avocado tree. Why? I am unaware, despite living in this neighborhood for a year and a half.

Sometimes the CD would reflect rainbow colored reflection into my room. There was a particular time of the day when the sun would be perfectly angled to allow the reflection to seep into my room. On windy days, the reflection danced around, and on non-windy ones, well, the reflection ambled along slowly following the pace of the mother sun.

Maybe after all it was Bhagwan’s Plan to make it happen.

I dialed a number and indulged the receiver with my thought .

My friend Bhagwan replied from the other end, “Yes, my dad put the CD there when I was young. Apparently, he fell down from it too, when he was trying to climb down.”

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