Johnny Dai

Do you know there’s an alphabet ष in Nepali that is sometimes pronounced as ‘sa स’ and at other times as ‘kha ख’. This change is primarily a locality-based shift, meaning people from particular geographic locations prefer one over the other.

That’s why some people pronounce the word षड्यन्त्र (sadyantra) as ‘sadyantra’ while others as ‘khadyantra’.

I had known this since I was a kid. But I guess my brain had decided that this specific bit of knowledge was useless, and therefore, suppressed my knowledge of it deep in the crevasses of my brain. Only when Johnny dai reminded me of this fact did I realized that I had heard it before.

Johnny dai continued, “Maybe Khadga Prasad Oli really is Sadga Prasad Oli.”

“Then what about all the people named Sashi?” I inquired.

He knew he had been defeated in his own game.

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